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So here it is again.....that one day of the year when tons of people get engaged, more people say I love you and just about everyone experiences some form of love.  It's cupid's day but growing up I always knew it to be Saint Valentine's Day.

I was educated in the catholic school system from the 1st grade through the 8th and there's one thing that I can thank all of those nuns and Catholics for till this very day.  Besides my superb mathematical skills and very well-rounded education, I am ever so grateful to have been in a school that celebrated every holiday known to Americans.  Most people that I encounter are always so enamored when I make big deals of days that they consider to be "commercialized" or "capitalistic ways for the rich to get richer".  But it's days like this when I am reminded just how great my childhood was despite some tribulations that could have easily setback any other kid that was walking in my shoes.

Every holiday was celebrated at my school.  Our teachers often educated us on it's meaning/purpose and we would celebrate accordingly.  (This included all holidays related to African American culture, which could have easily been looked over in that Catholic school.)  On these holidays, there were often parties, we were able to dress out of uniforms, get creative and bring in treats.  I looked forward to every holiday during the school year, including birthdays.  (This, too, is why I believe birthdays are a BIG deal and should be celebrated as such.) 

Now don't get me wrong.  I understand the point of view of those who rather not celebrate Valentine's Day because it's just "too cheesy","fake", "commercialized" or whatever other way that person would like to describe it.  I fed into it for years during high school and college....mostly because I didn't have a special somebody and somehow I began thinking that I needed someone special to enjoy this day.  I started dressing in all black....I wore shirts that adorned slogans like "Love is for Losers".  I was anti-Valentine's day. . .UNTIL I was given the chance to actually be someone's Valentine....someone that I happened to care about at the time....someone who believed that February 14th was almost as great as (insert birthday here).

I had no idea what to buy him....OR even what to do.  I simply thought about all those old times when Valentine's Day made me happy and I had no choice but to channel my inner creativity.  I made him a poem booklet with some of the greatest love poems in there and one that I wrote him (that year he asked for a poem for his In the booklet, I also enclosed a love letter.  I expressed my truest emotions for him....I also made him a cd with all of these love songs I picked out specifically for him.  I included a handmade lyric book because he never knew the lyrics to any song.  I kept it simple and yet it was the best gift he ever received (his words not mine). 

That Valentine's Day rekindled my appreciation for one of the most hated holidays in history but this year I won't be celebrating.  My boyfriend isn't a fan.  While I would have loved to make him something amazing to make his heart smile bigger than the other guy, I'll just save it. However, I am almost certain that when I have kids we will celebrate every holiday known to Americans as well.  I'll educate them as those sisters educated me.  We'll do arts and crafts and wear red, pink or purple. 

In the meantime, I'll strive to continually remind everyone around me how much I love them on this day and beyond.  I'm way better at expressing my love than I used to be so thanks Saint Valentine for helping me to learn the importance of making my love known.

I wish you and yours a Happy Valentine's Day....and many more amazing love days. :-)


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